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DUI Rights


You have very important rights protected by our United States Constitution. The police are required to follow specific procedures that are dictated by the U.S. Constitution and the State laws beginning prior to the police pulling you over, including procedures required to arrest you, and specific legal procedures required after your arrest. If any of these rights are violated by the arresting officer your DUI arrest can be challenged.

You have the right to defend against a DUI arrest. No matter how “guilty” you believe you may be, you may still have a chance to have the DUI arrest dismissed or reduced to a lower charge. It is important that you meet with Myrtle Beach DUI Attorney Regina Ward to see if your arrest can be challenged. Many times the officers make mistakes in performing field sobriety tests. Attorney Regina Ward has been successful in finding such mistakes and having cases dismissed or reduced to a driving offense.

You have the right to retain legal representation. It is a mistake to plead guilty to a DUI charge without first consulting with an experienced DUI lawyer. Even if you believe there is no chance to beat a DUI, you could be mistaken. An experienced DUI attorney, such as Regina Ward, can evaluate your case and help you decide if it can be challenged, reduced or if no challenge exists. Myrtle Beach DUI Attorney Regina Ward offers a FREE DUI EVALUATION. Before you enter a guilty plea, it is worth your time to meet with her and have your case evaluated.

You have the right to challenge your license suspension and get your driving privileges reinstated. However, you only have 30 DAYS FROM THE ARREST date to file for a hearing. Myrtle Beach DUI Attorney Regina Ward has been successful in having most of her clients’ licenses reinstated on appeal.

You have the right to challenge the procedure or validity of breath and blood test. Just because you “failed” the breath or blood test still does not mean you will be convicted. There are many challenges that can be made that may result in the blood or breath test evidence suppressed, meaning it cannot be used against you.

You have the right to request a Jury Trial. The officer will give you a court date on your ticket. This court date is for a Bench Trial which means only a judge will hear your case. You have a right to challenge the arrest and have a jury of your peers to hear the case and decide if there is enough evidence to convict you. If a jury trial is requested you will not have to appear on the bench trial date.

Remember just because you were arrested for a DUI, and even if you blew above the legal limit, does NOT mean you will be found guilty of a DUI.

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