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Life After DUI


If you have been arrested for a DUI offense you are probably scared, humiliated, and confused. Myrtle Beach DUI Attorney Regina Ward can help you get through this emotional and difficult time. You probably have already experienced the stress and expenses of the arrest with payment of bond, towing and impounding fees, and potentially immediate driver’s license suspension. If you are convicted, things get worse.

There are basically two roads your life can take after a DUI arrest. One road is “Life after a DUI Conviction” and the other is “Life after a DUI Dismissal.” The worst scenario is of course a conviction. If you are convicted of drunk driving it can have devastating and lingering results on your life. If you are found guilty, or enter a guilty plea, your driver’s license will be suspended, you may have to pay a huge court fine and/or do jail time, participate in an expensive alcohol education class, pay increased auto insurance rates and SR-22, may have to pay for an expensive ignition interlock device, you will have a criminal record which can never be expunged, you may lose your job, it can impact your future employment opportunities, the DUI will stay on your driving record for 10 years, and you may suffer the social stigma of a DUI conviction. If you were involved in an accident your penalties will be harsher and you could be sued for injuries or property damage.

With the help of Myrtle Beach DUI Attorney Regina Ward you may be able to avoid a DUI conviction and go down the road of “Life after a DUI Dismissal” and avoid most of the expense and aggravation of a DUI conviction.

Remember just because you were arrested for a DUI, and even if you blew above the legal limit, does NOT mean you will be found guilty of a DUI.

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