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"Regina Ward represented me in a criminal matter and displayed much care and concern for my case and constantly followed up with me as we moved forward. The outcome was in my favor and I could not have been more pleased with how she represented me. I have had many attorneys in my line of work and I would have to say that not only did Regina have much care and concern, she displayed the most class of all combined." M.L.

"Ms. Ward is one of the most persuasive and passionate criminal defense attorneys I have dealt with in my career." Sol. C.S.

"Unfortunately, everyone in my family has had to use the services of the Ward Law Firm. Ms. Ward has represented us in criminal matters, family court matters and even motor vehicle issues. She is always very straight forward about what we can expect and has successfully represented us every time. She always keeps our best interest as her top priority. I am not in the habit of recommending businesses unless I am more than satisfied with the services and I can say with confidence that Regina Ward will provide professional, quality and efficient service." M.T.

"At a time when I felt lost and uncertain of what I should do and the legal choices available to me, I found Regina. She took the time to discuss my situation and then laid out the options available to me, the good and the bad. I left feeling not alone and for the first time in a long time, in control of my life and future. Regina was there for me and counseled me through the whole process. She took the confusion and the feeling of helplessness away. Regina and her staff were there for me and I could never thank them enough. I have continued to call on Regina for legal advice and when anyone I know who needs an attorney I recommend her." S.F.

"Regina was more than helpful and a pleasure to work with. She is knowledgeable, highly skilled and genuinely concerned for her clients and their families. I had the most confidence that my son's needs were being met. She is also someone who makes you feel at ease while going through a stressful time. I would highly recommend working with her if you want to get results." E.P.

"Regina Ward and I clicked after our initial consult and I knew right away that with her on my side justice would prevail. She never gave up; left no stone unturned and we went all the way to trial where her expertise forced a settlement. Don't let the pretty face and smile fool you she turns it on when it comes to the research and court. She was awesome and nothing rattled her. My husband and I always joked between us that she was our little pit bull! I would highly recommend her." K.F.

"Having Regina Ward as my attorney I was confident my case would be heard with legal clarity and I would prevail. Regina took my case when others would not. She devoted numerous weekend hours to be prepared for a court hearing scheduled within 5 days. I could not have been more confident having such a caring, smart and strong attorney representing me. I will always be grateful." K.E.